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2013 Pipe Creek Report Card

Pipe Creek is a small tributary to Sandusky Bay on the south-central shore of Lake Erie. The Pipe Creek watershed is largely developed by a combination of urban and agricultural land uses. Pipe Creek is best known for its 97 acre State Wildlife Area located at the mouth of Pipe Creek, which was constructed in the early 1990s as a mitigation site for wetlands destroyed by development elsewhere. Existing ecological data collected by government and local community groups from Pipe Creek and its watershed, provide an excellent platform to develop an annual report card that acts to synthesize, interpret and disseminate this information. Using water quality indicators, the health of the Creek was determined for 2013. This report card provides the overall results, and describes how the public can help as well.


Date Published2014-03-20
TypeReport Card
ProjectPipe Creek Report Card
Location(s)Pipe Creek
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