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2016 Long Island Sound Report Card

Save the Sound along with its partners produced the Long Island Sound report card. Overall, Long Island Sound health is good, but the job's not done. There is an east-west gradient from healthy water in the Eastern Long Island Sound (received a grade of A) to unhealthy water in the Western Narrows (received a grade of F). The report card compares water quality indicators (dissolved oxygen, nutrients, chlorophyll a, and water clarity) to scientifically derived thresholds or goals. These indicators are combined into an overarching Water Quality Index, which is presented as a subregion percent score. The report card provides a geographically specific assessment of annual Long Island Sound ecosystem health for 2015.


IAN Author(s)Caroline Donovan
Date Published2016-10-06
TypeReport Card
ProjectLong Island Sound Ecosystem Health Report Card
Location(s)Long Island Sound
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