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2019 Chesapeake Bay & Watershed Report Card

This report card provides a transparent, timely, and geographically detailed assessment of Chesapeake Bay. Since 2016, UMCES has engaged stakeholders throughout the watershed to transform the report card into an evaluation of the Chesapeake Watershed health. Watershed health includes traditional ecosystem indicators, but also social, economic, and cultural indicators. This is the first year the watershed has been scored, using five indicators of ecological and socioeconomic health. Additional indicators are being researched for use in the next report card.

Overall, the Chesapeake Watershed scored 60%, a B-. There were four aquatic indicators and one societal indicator.

Overall, Chesapeake Bay scored 44% in 2019. This is the lowest score and first C- since 2011. Although several indicators of bay health improved in 2019, they did not offset those that declined. Despite low scores in 2019, long-term trends are still showing improvement.

To see learn more about the report card and indicator scores, visit chesapeakebayreportcard.org

Keywords: Chesapeake Bay, Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Bay Health, Watershed Health, Aquatic, Terrestrial, Societal, Report Card, environment, ecosystem,

IAN Author(s)Alexandra Fries, Sky Swanson, Dylan Taillie, Caroline Donovan, Max Hermanson, Heath Kelsey
Date Published2020-05-19
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