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Chapter 10: Spatial analysis: Making maps and using spatial analyses

Although spatial analysis is technically a component of statistical analysis and environmental modeling, the important role it plays, or should play, in coastal assessment programs warrants specific attention in its own separate chapter. This chapter provides some of the basic principles for producing effective maps through to the process of undertaking complex spatial analyses.


Author(s)Kelsey RH and Longstaff BJ
IAN Author(s)Heath Kelsey, Ben Longstaff
Editor(s)Longstaff BJ, Carruthers TJB, Dennison WC, Lookingbill TR, Hawkey JM, Thomas JE, Wicks EC, and Woerner JL
PublisherIAN Press
PlaceCambridge, MD
Journal / BookIntegrating And Applying Science: A Handbook For Effective Coastal Ecosystem Assessment : 151-164
TypePaper | Book Chapter
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