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Clinton River Watershed Report Card (Arabic)

Watershed report cards are powerful tools to describe ecosystem status, increase public awareness, and inform and influence decision makers to improve the health of a watershed. This is the first Clinton River Watershed Report Card. It is the collective effort of dozens of stakeholders throughout the Clinton River watershed. Indicators in the report card were selected to assess the health of six different values in the watershed: Water, Economy, Ecosystem, Human Health, Infrastructure, and Recreation. Overall, the Clinton River watershed earned a score of 51%, a C.


IAN Author(s)Heath Kelsey, Alexandra Fries, Conor Keitzer, Annie Carew, Ann Foo, Nathan Miller, Joe Edgerton, Anikka Fife
Date Published2024-05-03
TypeReport Card
ProjectReport Cards for the Clinton, Detroit, Huron, River Raisin, and Rouge Rivers
Location(s)Clinton River
Number of Pages6
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