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Conceptual Diagrams: Tools for Science Communication

This newsletter details the use of symbols as a visual language. Symbols are useful for depicting unequivocal messages that transcend cultures, languages and times. The use of symbols to contruct conceptual diagrams ('thought drawings') can be an effective tool for science communication and problem solving. Conceptual diagrams help to clarify thinking and provide a communication interface between scientists and non-scientists. Conceptual diagrams can be used in a variety of publications including presentations, posters, science communication publications and peer reviewed scientific papers (color or b&w). The IAN symbol libraries contain hundreds of symbols for use in scientific conceptual diagrams. These symbols are available for free from the IAN website.


IAN Author(s)Adrian Jones, Tracey Saxby
Date Published2003-08-01
ProjectIAN Symbol Libraries
Location(s)Integration and Application Network
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