Coral reef condition: A status report for Florida's coral reef

Effective coral reef conservation cannot be accomplished without an informed and engaged public. This status report is part of an ongoing series of documents to track the status and trends of coral reefs across the U.S. and its territories. Florida's Coral Reef status report is part of a larger effort to provide the public and decision-makers with information about managing and conserving coral reef ecosystems.


Author(s)Erica Towle, Erick Geiger, Jay Grove, Sarah Groves, Shay Viehman, Matthew Johnson, Jeremiah Blondeau, Jennifer Stein, Matt Gorstein, Amanda Borque, Alejandro Acosta, Meaghan Johnson, Mike Feeley, Francisco Pagan, Lauri MacLaughlin, Kathryn Lohr, Caitlin Lustic, Karen Bohnsack, Jim Bohnsack, Derek Manzello, Ian Enochs, Jennifer Koss, Kimberly Edwards, Peter Edwards, Andy Bruckner, Sara Thanner, Jennifer Herbig, Kelly Montenero, Dana Wusinich-Mendez, Kurtis Gregg, Chris Kelble, Tom Moore, Leanne Rutten, Philip Kramer, Pat Quinn, Erick Ault, Jerald Ault, Sarah Fangman, Chloe Fleming, David Gilliam, Kirk Kilfoyle, Brian Walker, Diego Lirman.
IAN Author(s)Caroline Donovan, Nathan Miller, Heath Kelsey
Date Published2020-05-14
ProjectCoral Reef Ecosystem Status Reports
Location(s)South Florida
Florida Keys
Number of Pages7
Filesize8 MB
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