Coral reef condition: A status report for Puerto Rico (Page 1)  
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Coral reef condition: A status report for Puerto Rico

Effective coral reef conservation cannot be accomplished without an informed and engaged public. This status report is part of an ongoing series to track the status and trends of coral reefs across the U.S. and its territories. The Puerto Rico coral reef status report is part of a larger effort to provide communities and decision-makers with information about managing and conserving coral reef ecosystems.


Author(s)Antares Alvarez, Eileen Alicea, Helena Antoun, Jeremiah Blondeau, Ernesto Diaz, Caroline Donovan, Kimberly Edwards, Peter Edwards, Ian Enochs, Tania Metz Estrella, Chloe Fleming, Nate Formel, Reni Garcia, Erick Geiger, Matt Gorstein, Melissa Gonzalez, Sean Griffin, Jay Grove, Sarah Groves, Miguel Figuerola Hernandez, Matthew Johnson, Chris Jeffrey, Aurora Justiniano-Santos, Heath Kelsey, Nilda Jimenez Marrero, Derek Manzello, Nathan Miller, Michael Nemeth, Hector Ruiz, Jorge Sabater, Erica Towle, Orian Tzadik, Michelle Schärer-Umpierre, Shay Viehman, Ernesto Weil, and Stacey Williams.
IAN Author(s)Nathan Miller, Heath Kelsey, Caroline Donovan
Date Published2020-05-14
ProjectCoral Reef Ecosystem Status Reports
Location(s)Puerto Rico
Number of Pages7
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