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Healthy Chesapeake Waterways

This science newsletter focuses on the role of the Integration and Application Network (IAN) in achieving healthy Chesapeake waterways. This is the first in a series of IAN newsletters on topical issues and is directed towards the scientific and technical audience. This newsletter identifies IAN's vision for Healthy Chesapeake Waterways and includes an overview of environmental problem solving, through transfer of data into information into knowledge and ultimately into problem solving. Fundamental to IAN's problem solving approach is the achievement of a balance between management, monitoring and research. The newsletter provides the scope for the CORe IAN projects for 2002-3, and begins to define what IAN will and will not attempt to accomplish, and identifies some of the challenges facing Chesapeake Bay.


IAN Author(s)Tim Carruthers
Date Published2002-05-01
Location(s)Chesapeake Bay
Number of Pages4
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