Helping your woodland adapt to a changing climate (Page 1)  
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Helping your woodland adapt to a changing climate

As Maryland's climate changes, your woodland may be more susceptible to natural disturbances such as storms, droughts, insect and disease outbreaks, or other stressors that can damage trees or slow their growth. As a good woodland steward, now is the time to make smart environmental and economic decisions, and implement the most effective strategies to help your woodlands adapt to climate change. This guide explains the potential impacts of climate change in Maryland and how they may affect your woodland. Management options are described for each of these climate change impacts to reduce or avoid loss of forest cover, declines in forest productivity, and reductions in the environmental benefits of woodlands.


IAN Author(s)Tracey Saxby, Marcus Griswold, Caroline Donovan, Jane Hawkey
Date Published2013-08-29
ProjectCoordination support for adapting to climate change
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