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Land Management: Farming in a changing climate

Agriculture is the largest commercial industry in Maryland, employing about 350,000 people, on almost 13,000 farms covering two million acres. With increasing impacts of climate change, water management will become a larger concern, rising temperatures, carbon dioxide, and ozone will increase stress on nearly all crop and livestock species, and pests and diseases, such as soybean rust will likely plague farmers in the future. The agricultural community should consider the implementation of various management practices to reduce risk and build resilience. This newsletter provides guidance for management practices for farming that help with adapting to climate change.


Author(s)Griswold M, Johnson Z and Wicks EC
IAN Author(s)Marcus Griswold, Caroline Donovan
PublisherMaryland Department of Natural Resources and the Integration and Application Network
Date Published2013-04-22
ProjectCoordination support for adapting to climate change
Number of Pages4
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