Publications about Tuul River

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Tuul River Basin Report Card 2019 (Page 1)

Tuul River Basin Report Card 2019

Simon Costanzo, Dylan Taillie ·
22 March 2019

The Tuul River Basin Report Card—the first of its kind in Mongolia—assesses the basin's health through social, environmental and economic values that can be tracked over time in response to management actions and/or external pressures. The Tuul River Basin has been evaluated in this assessment as “moderate” health or ‘C’, meaning urgent management interventions are required to maintain the health of the river.

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Tuul River Basin Report Card Stakeholder Workshop Summary (Page 1)

Tuul River Basin Report Card Stakeholder Workshop Summary

Simon Costanzo, Dylan Taillie ·
12 December 2017

Participants from various government, private and non-governmental organizations converged on Ulaanbaatar for the three day report card workshop in mid-October 2017. Participants were identified by the Tuul River Basin Authority and WWF-Mongolia to represent key stakeholder groups that have interests in the Tuul River Basin, and help shape the report card development. The workshop had a huge turn out and indicators to assess the health of the basin were identified.

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