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Southeast Michigan Report Cards: First Virtual Stakeholder Workshop Summary

November 4, 10, and 16, 2021

The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Integration and Application Network has partnered with Council Fire, LLC, the Clinton River Watershed Council, Friends of the Detroit River, Huron River Watershed Council, River Raisin Watershed Council, and Friends of the Rouge to create socio-environmental report cards for five rivers in southeast Michigan. An overall report card that integrates the results into an assessment of the southeast Michigan region will also be produced. This project is funded by the Erb Family Foundation. The kick-off workshop for this project occurred virtually, over three sessions, in November 2021. During the workshop, stakeholders discussed key features of each watershed and identified values and threats that all of these watersheds have in common. Stakeholders gained an understanding of what a report card is and how they are useful, what it means to understand a watershed’s social, environmental, and economic health, and built a shared understanding of their watersheds.

Keywords: southeast Michigan, Michigan, Detroit, report cards, Lake Erie, Huron, Clinton, Raisin, Rouge, socioeconomic, workshop, summary, newsletter

IAN Author(s)Dylan Taillie, Alexandra Fries, Heath Kelsey, Joe Edgerton, Lorena Villanueva-Almanza
Date Published2022-01-04
ProjectReport Cards for the Clinton, Detroit, Huron, River Raisin, and Rouge Rivers
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