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Verde River Watershed Report Card 1st Newsletter

Nov. 13–14, 2018 Stakeholder workshop summary

This newsletter summarizes outputs from the initial stakeholder workshop to develop the Verde River Watershed Report Card. The objectives of the workshop were to: i) introduce the project and agree on expected outcomes; ii) begin the process of developing a report card; and, iii) define the geographic scope of the report card, indicators, thresholds, data sources, and communication plan. IAN is leading the creation of this report card to assist Friends of the Verde River and The Nature Conservancy achieve their goals of collaboratively restoring habitat, sustaining flows, and promoting community stewardship to support a healthy Verde River system.


IAN Author(s)Emily Nastase, Alexandra Fries, Andrew Elmore
Date Published2019-01-22
ProjectDevelopment of the Verde River Watershed Report Card
Location(s)Verde River
Number of Pages4
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