Susanna Pretzer

Web Content Specialist
Chesapeake Bay Program


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1750 Forest Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401

Susanna Pretzer

Web Content Specialist
Chesapeake Bay Program

Prior to joining the UMCES/CBP team, Susanna worked for five years developing courses and other educational content for the University of Maryland Global Campus. At UMGC, she explored subjects from transformational leadership to sociology to supply chain management and worked to make course materials more inclusive.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she has a BA in Comparative Literature (focusing on Latin, Greek, and English drama) from Swarthmore College and spent a few years working at theatres from Florida to NYC before landing in Maryland. She is the literary manager for Flying V, a pop-culture-infused performing arts company based in Bethesda, where she collaborates on curating and developing new work for the stage and for digital media. In her free time, she enjoys reading, identifying plants and mushrooms in both new and familiar parks, and keeping her own plants alive.



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