Chesapeake Behavior Change Website

Chesapeake Behavior Change Website

The Chesapeake Behavior Change website is an open collection of outreach campaigns focused on changing behaviors or practices of target audiences that reduce their impact on the local environment. When it comes to cleaning up our local waters, communities, and the environment, everyone needs to do their part. This site exists to assist anyone interested in helping others do their part by sharing lessons learned, best practices, transferrable materials, techniques and ideas that ensure your effort to change behavior is as successful as possible.


Key Personnel

E. Guy Stephens
Director of Web Development for Chesapeake Bay Program/Senior Faculty Research Assistant
David Yayac
Web and Graphic Designer
Dan Brellis
Web Developer
Kaitlyn May
Web Content Specialist
Megan McNeilly
Faculty Research Assistant
William Whorton
Web Developer


  • Start: 2017-11-01
  • Finish: 
  • Duration: Ongoing