Veronica Lucchese

Graduate Research Assistant

Veronica Lucchese

Graduate Research Assistant

Veronica Malabanan Lucchese is a NOAA-LMRCSC Fellow II and a second year PhD student studying Environment and Society at the University of Maryland's Center for Environmental Science. Passionate about life sciences, environmental justice, and public education, Veronica is dedicated to improving environmental management practices and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Her dissertation work will focus on using Social Network Analysis and Ethnographic Film to address environmental injustice in the Chesapeake Bay. Highlighting the Potomac, Patuxent, and Patapsco river watersheds, her work will utilize coding, webscraping, in person surveying, and science communication tools to reach a broad demographic.

From 2019-2022, she worked as a NOAA contractor for the Northeast Fisheries Science Center and the Southeast Fisheries Science Center. Her work as a federal contractor focused mainly on scientific communications, outreach, website design, and economic data analysis. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and majored in Marine Affairs, Geology, and Anthropology.

Through her role at IAN, she will assist indicator analysis for the 2023 Chesapeake Bay Report Card and the creation of communications products such as short films and social media content. Her work will contribute to the international COAST Card project.

Veronica Malabanan Lucchese | 718-483-5814

Doctor of Philosophy in Marine-Estuarine Environmental Science, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science (UMCES)


Bachelor of Arts in Marine Affairs, Geology, & Anthropology; Minor in Art; Enrichment in Journalism, Film Making & Photography, University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) GPA: 3.6

MAY 2020

Career History

For more details, please visit my LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, & Website.

Graduate Research Assistant, Office of Education-UMCES

  • Website & content creation to facilitate student & faculty access to administrative resources.
  • Survey creation, data collection, & data analyzation to improve course learning outcomes.


Graduate Research Assistant, Integrated Application Network (IAN)-UMCES

  • Data analyzation & visualization using R Studio, ArcGIS, Adobe, & Microsoft products for the Chesapeake Bay Report Card & COAST Card projects.
  • Addresses engagement & diversity, equity, inclusion, & justice through social media content & strategic partnerships with international to local organizations.
  • Grant writing, program creation, program execution, & data collection.


Ecology & Evolution Laboratory Teaching Assistant, University of Maryland at College Park

  • Plan & lecture for two lab sections on topics including lab procedure, data analyzation & visualization, & the scientific method.
  • Presentation making, grading, & classroom management.


Communication Specialist, Southeast Fisheries Science Center (SEFSC) & Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC) at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

  • Designs & maintains internal & external web pages.
  • Creates content like videos, infographics, branding, & text pieces for external & internal engagement.
  • Leads & participates in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiatives.
  • Plans & implements high school outreach program.
  • Facilitates internal & external NOAA communications.



Geology Technician, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

  • Field collection of core samples, photos, & biomass samples
  • Sample processing & data collection of field samples including sample cleaning, measurements, & combustion.
  • Data analysis of carbon content, biomass, & grain size analysis



Water Technician, Miami Waterkeeper

  • Engage with & inform the public on water quality.
  • Collects water samples in the field.


Research Assistant, SEFSC at the NOAA

  • Data analysis of fisheries economics using Microsoft products like Excel, Word, & PowerPoint.
  • Programs & designs models for statistical analysis.



Naturalist, Biscayne Nature Center

  • Educates the public on South Florida's marine/coastal ecosystems as well as human impact on the ocean.
  • Promotes public engagement in conservation via beach clean-ups & restoration events.
  • Aids in maintenance & beautification of facilities & grounds



Research Assistant & Social Media Manager, Dr. Claire Paris’s Lab at RSMAS

  • Development & completion of departmental honors thesis modeling urchin larval connectivity.
  • Manages & creates content for lab’s social media.
  • Data analysis of fish & coral larvae using program R & MATLAB.



Environmental Educator, Hudson River Park

  • Educates the public on the biology of the Hudson River & Atlantic Ocean ecosystems.
  • Aids in the Billion Oyster Project in restoring river oyster reefs & in micro-plastic study.
  • Designed family-friendly educational programming for topics including life science & climate change.


Visitor Services & Horticulture Intern, Central Park Conservancy

  • Aids in event planning, public education, data logging, & restoration in visitor services.
  • Restoration, enhancement, & management of the Hallett Wildlife Sanctuary & the Central Park Woodlands & assist tours & manage volunteers in horticulture



Docent, New York Aquarium

  • Marine ecosystems public education & stewardship recruitment.
  • Lead public programming including touch tanks, beach clean-ups, & shoreline restoration.



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Cresci A, Paris CB, Browman HI, Skiftesvik AB, Shema S, Bjelland R, Durif CMF, Foretich M, Di Persia C, Lucchese V, Vikebø FB, Sørhus E., “Effects of Exposure to Low Concentrations of Oil on the Expression of Cytochrome P4501a & Routine Swimming Speed of Atlantic Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) Larvae In Situ.,” Environ Sci Technol. 2020 Nov 3;54(21):13879-13887. doi: 10.1021/acs.est.0c04889

Lucchese, VM, “Modern Russian art exhibit opens at Lowe,” The Miami Hurricane, Arts & Entertainment, April 24, 2019,

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Lucchese, V. (April 2019). Larval Connectivity & Restoration of Diadema antillarum in Bahamian Reefs, presented thesis poster at the RSMAS Undergraduate Research Symposium hosted

by RSMAS, Virginia Key, FL

Lucchese, V. (April 2019). Larval Connectivity & Restoration of Diadema antillarum in Bahamian Reefs, selected to present thesis poster at the OceanVisions2019 Conference hosted by the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Lucchese, V., Rios, D., (January 2018). Reflections from the Field: The Everglades Field School,

presented collective research slideshow at the BEST Forensic Anthropology &

Bioarchaeology Conference hosted by the University of South Florida, St. Pete Beach, FL

Awards & Certificates

  • Green Space Data Challenge Physical Environment 1st Place, Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy


  • PlusOne Scholarship, University of Miami


  • Nominee, Dallas Murphy Graduate Writing Workshop


  • Provost’s List (Five-Time Awardee), University of Miami


  • President’s Scholarship Recipient, University of Miami


  • Thesis Departmental Honors, RSMAS at University of Miami


  • Florida Outdoor Writers Association Scholarship, Florida Outdoor Writer’s Association


  • Community Service Chairmanship, Ocean Awareness Week at the University of Miami


  • Secretary Chairmanship, RhoRhoRho Marine Science Honors Society at the University of Miami


  • Small Undergraduate Research Grant Experience (SURGE) Award, RSMAS at University of Miami


  • GIS Day Photo Contest, University of Miami


  • Open Water SCUBA Diving Certified, Scuba Schools International


Completed Coursework



  • MEES660: Ecological Systems
  • MEES718A: Long-Term Change in the Patuxent Ecosystem Issue Study Group


  • CSC 120: Computer Programming
  • BIL 150: General Biology
  • BIL 160: Evolutionary Biology
  • MSC 230: Introduction to Marine Biology
  • MSC 310: Living Resources of the Ocean
  • MSC 313: Coastal Law
  • MSC 345: Economics, Natural
  • Resources, & the Environment
  • MSC 372: Special Topics in Marine Science
  • MSC 412: Thesis in Marine Science
  • MSC 460: Spatial Applications in Marine Science (GIS)
  • GSC 111: Earth Systems History
  • GSC 260: Earth Materials
  • GSC 482: Geological Field Methods
  • GSC 550: Hydrogeology

Social Science/Government


  • MEES620: Environment & Society
  • ANTH630: Quantitative & Statistical Applied Anthropology
  • ANTH652: Anthropology & Climate Change


  • HIS 101: U.S. History (to 1877)
  • HIS 102: U.S. History (since 1877)
  • PSY 110: Introduction to Psychology
  • POL 201: Introduction to American National Government
  • APY 202: Cultural Anthropology
  • APY 302: Ethnographies of Black Anthropologists
  • APY 484: Anthropological Theory
  • APY 502: Field Studies in Anthropology



  • ENG 105: English Composition I
  • ENG 106: English Composition II
  • ART 210: Digital Photography
  • JMM 208: Fundamentals of Newsgathering
  • JMM 221: Introduction to
  • Documentary Photography
  • JMM 307: Mobile Journalism
  • CIM 151: Introduction to Digital Storytelling
  • CIM 251: Motion Picture
  • CIM 407: Film, Society, & Culture
  • CIM 409: Legal Aspects of Motion Pictures
  • CIM 360: 360° Immersive Life Filmmaking & Storytelling