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2022 Chesapeake Bay and Watershed Report Card

This report card provides a transparent, timely, and geographically detailed assessment of Chesapeake Bay and its Watershed. Since 2016, UMCES has engaged stakeholders throughout the watershed to transform the report card into an evaluation of the Chesapeake Watershed health. Watershed health includes traditional ecological indicators, but also economic and societal indicators. This is the fourth year the watershed has been scored, and one new ecological indicator has been added. Linkages and relationships between the ecological, economic, and societal indicators will be evaluated in future report cards.

Overall, the Chesapeake Watershed scored 52%, a C. There were four ecological indicators, four economic indicators, and four societal indicators. This is the first year evaluating an Environmental Justice Index, though it is not included in the overall watershed health score.

Overall, Chesapeake Bay scored 51%, a C, in 2022, showing a significantly improving trend. While northern tributaries show improving trends, many tributaries scored poorly with no significant trends from the previous year.

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IAN Author(s)Vanessa Vargas-Nguyen, Alexandra Fries, Joe Edgerton, Bill Dennison, Sidney Anderson, Lili Badri, Veronica Lucchese, Katie May Laumann, Heath Kelsey
Date Published2023-06-06
TypeReport Card
ProjectChesapeake Bay Report Card Expansion
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