EcoCheck and the Maryland Coastal Bays Program release Coastal Bays Report Card

Adrian Jones ·
8 June 2009
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2008 Coastal Bays Health Index Map

The report card gives the Maryland Coastal Bays a C-plus for ecosystem health in 2008. The study measured distinct differences in ecosystem health throughout the shallow bays behind Ocean City and Assateague, with southern regions such as Chincoteague Bay ranking higher than western tributaries such as the St. Martin River and Newport Bay.

The Coastal Bays Report Card provides a scientifically robust – and geographically detailed –assessment of ecosystem health. The report card combines multiple indicators of water quality and habitat health into a single score for six regions of the Coastal Bays.

While the overall health of the Coastal Bays in 2008 earned a C-plus, the health of the six reporting regions varied between locations, ranging from B to D-plus.

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