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Release of Chesapeake Bay Watershed Report Card

Bill Dennison ·
28 June 2023
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On 6 June 2023, we released the 2022 Chesapeake Bay Watershed report card along the shore of the Potomac River in Alexandria, VA. This was the first time that we released the annual Chesapeake report card in Virginia, and we featured speakers from Maryland and Virginia. Following our speakers, I gave my remarks about the report card results and their broad implications.

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This cover art featuring drawings of important aspects of the Chesapeake watershed, like representations of agriculture, recreation, keystone species, and the fishing industry, was created by Sidney Anderson at UMCES IAN for the 2022 report card.

Diving Deep into the 2022 Chesapeake Bay and Watershed Report Card: Progress, Challenges, and a Call for Action

Anna Calderón ·
23 June 2023
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At a press conference held by UMCES IAN at Daingerfield Island’s Washington Sailing Marina, the annual Chesapeake Bay and Watershed Report Card was unveiled. Alongside the Chesapeake report card, a Potomac River and Watershed Report Card was unveiled for the first time as a part of the Belmont Forum COAST Card Project. Read more about the new elements included within the report card, and what the 2022 grades have to tell us!

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Lessons learned from a two and a half year project on the Upper Rio Grande

Nathan Miller ·
21 February 2023
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This past November, IAN, in collaboration with its partners from WWF, Audubon Southwest, and The University of Massachusetts Amherst published a socio-environmental health report card for the Upper Rio Grande. The report card covers a section of the Rio Grande that stretches from the river’s headwaters in the Colorado Rockies to Fort Quitman, TX. Project members cast a wide net to retrieve relevant data that would allow us to analyze the region's environmental, social, and economic conditions.

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The cover of the 2021 Chesapeake Bay Report Card.

Your Not-So-Average "C+" 2021 Chesapeake & Watershed Report Card

Pheej Lauj (Pheng Lor) ·
14 June 2022
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The 2021 Chesapeake & Watershed Report Card highlights unique findings in water and ecosystem quality compared to previous years. This year’s report stresses the importance of expanding how we make sense of the overall bay and watershed health as we start to look at economic and environmental justice indicators, such as: income inequality, housing affordability, social vulnerability to hazardous events, and walkability to parks.

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Bringing Communities Together Through Water: The Start of Socio-Environmental Report Cards for the Southeast Michigan region

Lorena Villanueva-Almanza ·
30 November 2021
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The last of three virtual workshop sessions for the development of individual and regional socio-environmental report cards for the Detroit, Clinton, Huron, Rouge, and Raisin rivers in Michigan concluded on November 16, 2021. The main goal of these sessions was to work with stakeholders to identify indicators that reflect the social, cultural, economic, and environmental values of the Southeast Michigan region.

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