Nutrient trading in Chesapeake Bay

Bill Dennison ·
24 January 2012
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A recently released policy statement by a group of Senior Scientists and Policymakers provides a review of nutrient trading as a management tool to be used in Chesapeake Bay.  Nutrient trading, the buying and selling of nutrient reduction credits, is a relatively new approach that is being applied to achieve nutrient reductions.

There is a new tool provided by Google that tracks the use of different terms over time called ‘Google Ngram Viewer’.  An explanation of this tool is found on the Technology Entertainment and Design website, with a TED talk titled ‘What we learned from 5 million books’ by Jean-Baptiste Michel and Erez Lieberman Aiden. Applying this tool to the term ‘nutrient trading’ results in a graph that demonstrates the inception and a dramatic rate of increase in the use of this term.

Nutrient trading
Google Ngram timeline of the use of 'nutrient trading' in published books from 1985.

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