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National Park of American Samoa

IAN in American Samoa

Tim Carruthers ·
7 June 2010
Science Communication | 

The flight from Hawaii to American Samoa arrives at night, so the warm moist air is immediately apparent - but tantalizing, as it is necessary to wait till the morning to begin to appreciate the people and places that make these islands unique.

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Sunrise over the beach at Mamallapuram

Thoughts on Chennai, India

Tim Carruthers ·
31 March 2010
Applying Science | 

Recently, Tim Carruthers from IAN was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Tamil Nadu in India for a LOICZ (Land Ocean Interactions of the Coastal Zone) meeting. Here are some thoughts and observations on Chennai and the surrounding country side. Having always wanted to visit India, this was a fantastic opportunity and apart from beautiful sunrises, amazing history, and a welcome break from a long northern winter, I was struck by how friendly and engaging Indian folks are.

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