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Capturing Nature on the Job

Nathan Miller ·
20 June 2019
Science Communication | 

While camera phones are becoming more sophisticated with each successive generation - with increasing resolution, wider color gamut, and better depth of field - they still cannot match the image quality captured from the sensor of a DSLR (or the mirrorless cameras entering the market).

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All about the Bay: Exploring history, heritage, and habitat at the Chesapeake Studies conference

Suzanne Webster ·
13 June 2019
Science Communication | Applying Science | 

Earlier this month, several IAN team members attended the first annual Chesapeake Studies conference. This multidisciplinary conference was hosted at Salisbury University from June 5th to 7th, and was focused on the scholarly study of the Chesapeake region. It was an excellent opportunity for us to meet other Chesapeake Bay researchers, and to showcase some of IAN’s approaches for learning more about the Bay, engaging Bay stakeholders, and communicating Bay science.

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