Guanabara Bay gets D in first report card!

The cover of the Guanabara Bay report card showing the city of Rio de Janeiro with buildings along the coast and forested and rocky hillsides.On July 21, 2017 the Guanabara Bay Report Card was released at the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dave Nemazie and Alexandra Fries released the report card with the help of Joao Coimbra and Bob Summers. The report card focused on water quality indicators for Guanabara Bay and its Basin. The Bay and Basin both received D grades, showing poor water quality throughout a region that supports almost 9 million inhabitants. The international spotlight was shown on Rio, and Guanabara Bay, during the Olympics last year, with the poor conditions evident. To clean up the bay, sewage treatment and proper trash collection and disposal are imperative. The report card is available online at