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Guanabara Bay Report Card

This report card provides a transparent, timely, and geographically detailed assessment of health in Guanabara’s Bay and basin using data from 2013-2015. Guanabara Bay health and Guanabara Bay Basin health are defined as the progress of five water quality indicators toward scientifically-derived thresholds or goals. The indicators are combined into two water quality scores, one score for the Bay, and one for the Basin. The overall score for Guanabara Bay water quality was a D. The overall score for Guanabara Bay Basin water quality was a D. More information can be accessed on the report card website at


IAN Author(s)Dave Nemazie, Alexandra Fries, Bill Dennison
Date Published2017-07-21
TypeReport Card
ProjectFacilitate the Partnership Between Chesapeake Bay and Guanabara Bay to Enhance and Accelerate Restoration
Location(s)Guanabara Bay
Number of Pages6
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