USGS and IAN collaborate to report on ecological drought

Washington, D.C., USA. In 2015, the Integration and Application Network kicked off a national-scale effort with the USGS Climate Adaptation Science Center to synthesize the impacts of of ecological drought across the country. Regional workshops were held at each of the eight regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers, as well as a two-workshop series to highlight the unique vulnerability of islands to drought. In addition, IAN staff collaborated with researchers from NC State to collect and archive oral histories of drought. Products from the two island workshops, as well as synthesis efforts at the eight regional climate adaptation science centers, were highlighted at the 2018 AGU Fall meeting in Washington, D.C. in December, and are now available online.

Brisbane, Australia

Jamie Currie traveled to Brisbane, Australia to produce a short documentary for the International River Foundation's (IRF) 20th anniversary of the International Riverprize. Jamie conducted interviews and collected footage from collaborators around the world to create the film. The final product will be screened at this year's International Riverprize in Brisbane.

Annapolis, MD

´╗┐In August 2020, IAN will be hosting the fourteenth biennial International Seagrass Biology Workshop (ISBW14). The conference's theme is "Signs of Success: Reversing the Course of Seagrass Degradation." The conference will feature speakers and attendees from around the world. More information coming soon!

Louisville, KY

Annie Carew attended the annual Ecological Society of America conference. The conference theme was "Bridging Communities and Ecosystems: Inclusion as an Ecological Imperative." Annie presented on her thesis research, participated in a session on National Parks history, and met colleagues from across the country.

Science Communication Workshop at CERF 2019

The Coastland and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) conference in November will feature a workshop course taught by IAN's Alexandra Fries. The course title is "Analyzing, Synthesizing, and Communicating Your Data." More information can be found here.