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Ecological Drought Across the United States

Profound, widespread, and becoming more severe

Across the United States, ecological drought is ubiquitous, profound, and has become more severe. This newsletter summarizes the findings of a three-year synthesis on the current status of drought research across the United States. The ecological drought synthesis project involved workshops at each of the eight regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers. The eight CASCs provide a unique opportunity to compare the ecological effects of drought, related research activities, and management options at different regions, spatial scales, and biomes across the United States.


Author(s)Carter S, Donahue K, Myers B, Rubenstein M, Dennison WC, Lentz R, Blackband J, Malpeli K, Costanzo S, and Walsh B
IAN Author(s)Brianne Walsh, Simon Costanzo, Bill Dennison
Date Published2019-08-01
ProjectUSGS Climate Change Research Activities Synthesis
Number of Pages6
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