Fact sheet on nutrient trends in the Chesapeake now available

The US Geological Survey and IAN have collaborated to release a one-page fact sheet, Nutrient Trends and Drives in the Chesapeake Bay. The fact sheet quantifies trends and drivers in nutrient loading throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and provides visualizations. This will help high-level managers and policymakers understand the complex processed that drive water quality, informing efforts to have nutrient reduction practices in place by 2025. You can view the full fact sheet here, or check out our short videos (Part 1, Part 2) that explain the main findings.

COAST Card international partnership continues to grow

The Coastal Ocean Assessment for Sustainability and Transformation (COAST) Card is an international, transdisciplinary research program seeking to foster solutions to global sustainability challenges. This project brings together researchers from the USA, Japan, Philippines, Norway, and India. COAST Card merges three tools: socio-ecological network analyses; socio-environmental report cards; and system dynamics models. Email coastcard.research@gmail.com to subscribe to the newsletter, and follow COAST card on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Communicating the benefits of a Water Quality Trading Program

Last fall, IAN collaborated with the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) to generate a series of communications products that promote the department's Water Quality Trading Program. This program is designed to allow Marylanders to buy and sell water quality credits across the state as a means to both reduce pollution in the Chesapeake and build capital for local businesses. IAN produced a newsletter about the trading program and a storymap for the MDE website, which will be live soon.

Professional certificate opportunity and environmental management course now available online

On February 15, we launched our first professional certificate program in Environmental Management for Sustainability on EdX, an online learning platform for open online courses. Four courses make up the certificate. All courses are self-paced and available in five languages (English, Spanish, Filipino, Japanese, and Hindi). A professional certificate is available for verified learners, and all content is available for free. For more information, visit our certificate page on EdX.