Nutrient Trends and Drivers in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Page 1)  
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Nutrient Trends and Drivers in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

The Chesapeake Bay Program maintains an extensive nontidal monitoring network, measuring nitrogen and phosphorus (nutrients) at more than 100 locations on rivers and streams in the watershed. Data from these locations are used by USGS to assess the ecosystem’s response to nutrient-reduction efforts. This fact sheet summarizes recent trends in nitrogen and phosphorus in nontidal tributaries and identifies some of the complex factors that affect local water quality, and ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay.


Author(s)Hyer, K..E., Phillips, S.W., Ator, S.W., Moyer, D.L., Webber, J.S., Felver, R., Keisman, J.L., McDonnell, L. A., Murphy, R., Trentacoste, E. M., Zhang, Q., Dennison, W.C., Swanson, S., Walsh, B., Hawkey, J., Taillie, D.,
IAN Author(s)Dylan Taillie, Brianne Walsh, Sky Swanson, Caroline Donovan, Bill Dennison
Date Published2021-01-26
ProjectTranslating USGS Science Into Management Products
Location(s)Chesapeake Bay
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