Belmont Forum Plenary Meetings in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Belmont Forum plenary meeting group photo in Sao Paulo, BrazilAlexandra Fries recently traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to help facilitate the Belmont Forum Plenary Meetings Week, November 6-10, 2017. The Belmont Forum is a group of funders that support international transdisciplinary research providing knowledge for understanding, mitigating, and adapting to global environmental change. These meetings brought together 65 attendees from more than 15 countries around the world. IAN helped the Belmont Forum prior to the event by creating materials such as the agenda, a booklet, templates, posters, a song, and videos. The session Alex facilitated was about how the Belmont Forum can be better at building capacity, engaging stakeholders, and measuring impacts of the projects they fund.

Belmont Forum

On December 8-10th 2018, IAN facilitated a Belmont Forum synthesis workshop in Washington D.C. Three groups of transdisciplinary research projects, focused on food security, mountains, and the Arctic, came together to share their findings and lessons learned. Stay tuned to IAN Press for the synthesis publication that is currently in the works!

Alexandria, VA

Bill, Emily, Heath, Katie May, Max, and Sky facilitated a 3-day workshop for about 40 participants hosted at NSF to develop evaluation models for transdisciplinary research. The workshop was hosted by the Belmont Forum, a global consortium of national level funding agencies that focus on co-development of solutions to societal problems.

"Evaluating Transdisciplinary Approaches" now available online

The Evaluating Transdisciplinary Approaches Workshop was convened by the Belmont Forum last summer. Workshop participants were part of a growing community of transdisciplinary research supporters and practitioners. The workshop goals were centered around participants exploring transdisciplinary research goals, metrics, and assessment. This workshop newsletter compiles the results of the workshop, outlines recommendations for how to evaluate transdisciplinary approaches, and provides current and past examples of transdisciplinary research.

Belmont Biodiversity Newsletter

This document summarizes four projects funded by the Belmont Forum's Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.