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Evaluating Transdisciplinary Approaches

The Evaluating Transdisciplinary Approaches Workshop was convened by the Belmont Forum at the National Science Foundation and facilitated by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in Alexandria, VA, USA on 26–28 June 2019. Participants of the workshop are part of a growing community of transdisciplinary research supporters and practitioners. Their efforts contribute to our fundamental and applied understanding of complex systems. The workshop goals were centered around participants (experts, implementers, and users) exploring transdisciplinary research goals, metrics, and assessment. Outcomes of this workshop can be applied to a multitude of use cases, including, but not limited to, civil society needs, cooperative governance, private sector research and development, policy making, and strategic planning. Iterative interaction amongst the participants can transform not only policy and practice, but also the perspectives and learning of the participants themselves.

This workshop newsletter compiles the results of this workshop, outlines recommendations for how to evaluate transdsiciplinary approaches, and provides current and past examples of transdisciplinary research.


IAN Author(s)Emily Nastase, Heath Kelsey, Bill Dennison, Max Hermanson, Katie May Laumann, Sky Swanson
Date Published2020-07-28
ProjectBelmont Forum workshop facilitation, support, and communication
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