IAN Report Card

IAN Report Card

The IAN report card includes three categories of indicators: partnership satisfaction, social impacts and ecological outcomes. For partnership satisfaction, we devised a survey and asked our partners a battery of questions about their satisfaction with the co-production of products, the collaborative process and capacity-building within their organization. For social impacts, we assessed our media reach, our dissemination effectiveness, and our teaching and training. For ecological outcomes, we used the outcomes of our global assessments, and the report cards scores of two regions where IAN has long standing involvement and impact, the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland Coastal Bays.


Key Personnel

Bill Dennison
Vice President for Science Application
Alexandra Fries
Program Manager
Brianne Walsh
Senior Science Communicator
Jamie Testa
Science Communication Assistant


  • Start: 2016-01-01
  • Finish: 
  • Duration: Ongoing