Pacific Island Network science communication products

Pacific Island Network science communication products

The National Park Service is carrying out assessments of the natural resource condition (NRCA) for nearly 300 of the National Parks throughout the country deemed to have significant natural resources. This product, to assess condition of Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park (KAHO) in the Pacific Island Network, is a synthesis product aimed at collating and synthesizing all available data to assess current status and trend for each metric, combining these into an overall framework. The focus of this study has been to develop a habitat-based framework to assess natural resource condition of the park.

Additionally, through a series of PACN park site visits and workshops, IAN staff are collaborating with park and I&M staff to create science communication products that educate and engage locals or visitors for the three remaining parks in the NPS Pacific Island Network. For War in the Pacific National Historical Park (WAPA), a 8 panel park brochure will feature the many units of the park on Guam and their unique natural and cultural resources. For the American Memorial Park (AMME) on Saipan, a poster, designed for local audiences and displayed outside on park grounds, will highlight both the natural resources often hidden from view and the cultural significance of AMME. And, for Haleakala National Park (HALE) on Maui, Hawaii, a brochure will attempt to entice visitors to explore HALE beyond the standard tourist destinations of the summit at dawn and the coastal pools for cooling off.


Key Personnel

Jane Hawkey
Senior Science Communicator
Tim Carruthers
Director of Coastal Ecology
Rebecca Most
Science Communicator

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Birder (SYMBOL)

Field researcher (SYMBOL)

Ornithologist (SYMBOL)

'Akohekohe (palmeria dolei) (SYMBOL)

'O'mao (myadestes obscurus) (SYMBOL)

Akiapola'au (hemignathus munroi) (SYMBOL)

Elepaio (chasiempis sandwichensis) (SYMBOL)

Hawai'i akepa (loxops coccineus) (SYMBOL)

Hawai'i creeper (oreomystis mana) (SYMBOL)

Hawaiian Crow or alala (Corvus hawaiiensis) (SYMBOL)

House finch (carpodacus mexicanus) (SYMBOL)

Japanese bush warbler (cettia diphone) (SYMBOL)

Japanese white-eye (zosterops japonicus) (SYMBOL)

Maui 'alauahio (paroreomyza montana) (SYMBOL)

Po'ouli (melamprosops phaesoma) (SYMBOL)


Fale: enclosed 4 (Samoa) (SYMBOL)

Flag: USA Hawaii (SYMBOL)

Flag: United Kingdom (SYMBOL)

Flag: United States of America (SYMBOL)

Hawaiian Royalty Headdress (SYMBOL)

Hibiscus Flower (SYMBOL)

Metrosideros Polymorpha (Hi'a Lehua) (SYMBOL)

Wood-split fencing 02 (SYMBOL)

Batis maritima (Pickleweed) (SYMBOL)

Herpestes javanicus (Small Asian Mongoose) (SYMBOL)

Nycticorax nycticorax (Black-crowned Night Heron) (SYMBOL)


Lead Mule (SYMBOL)

Coral larva (SYMBOL)

Retail: gasoline pump (SYMBOL)


Morinda Citrifolia (Indian Mulberry) (SYMBOL)


Flag: USA Hawaii Kanaka Maoli (SYMBOL)

Acacia koa (Koa tree) (SYMBOL)

Aprion virescens (Green Jobfish) : adult (SYMBOL)

Cephalopholis argus (Blue-spotted Grouper) (SYMBOL)

Chenopodium oahuense (Aweoweo) (SYMBOL)

Erythrina sandwicensis (Wiliwili) (SYMBOL)

Heteromeles arbutifolia (Christmas Berry) (SYMBOL)

Lantana camara (West Indian Lantana) (SYMBOL)

Lasirus cinereus semotus (Hawaiian Hoary Bat) (SYMBOL)

Leucaena leucocephala (White Leadtree) (SYMBOL)

Santalum freycinetianum (Freycinet Sandalwood) (SYMBOL)

Scaevola coriacea (Dwarf Naupaka) (SYMBOL)


Ipomoea pes-caprae (Beach Morning Glory) (SYMBOL)

Cemetery (SYMBOL)

Himantopus mexicanus (Black-necked Stilt) : eggs (SYMBOL)

Triaenodon obesus (Whitetip Reef Shark) (SYMBOL)

Heteropogon contortus (Pili Grass) (SYMBOL)

Miconia calvescens (Bush Currant) (SYMBOL)

Peperomia spp. ('ala 'ala Wai Nui) (SYMBOL)

Petroglyph: (Hawaiian Honu) (SYMBOL)

Pritchardia minor (Loulu Palm) (SYMBOL)

Sida fallax (Ilima) (SYMBOL)


Taro plot (SYMBOL)

Brigantine (SYMBOL)

Capparis sandwichiana (Pua Pilo) (SYMBOL)

Capra aegagrus hircus (Goat) (SYMBOL)

Freight: semi-trailer truck (SYMBOL)

Halau (Hawaiian long house) (SYMBOL)

Heiau (Hawaiian temple) (SYMBOL)

Ki'i (Hawaiian war god) (SYMBOL)

Religion: Christian cross (SYMBOL)

Sweet potato plot (SYMBOL)

'Ohelo in Hawaiian (Vaccinium reticulatum) (PHOTO)

Hawaiian tree fern fiddlehead closeup (Cibotium splendens) (PHOTO)

bamboo orchid (Arundina graminifolia) (PHOTO)

bamboo orchid among common swordfern (PHOTO)

hiker on Ka'u Desert Trail (PHOTO)

ohia buds (Metrosideros polymorpha) (PHOTO)

pahoehoe lava (PHOTO)


Echinothrix diadema (Long Spined Urchin) (SYMBOL)

Fregata minor (Great Frigatebird) (SYMBOL)


Taro 2 (SYMBOL)

Carcharhinus melanopterus (Blacktip Reef Shark) (SYMBOL)

Taro plantation (SYMBOL)


Stenella longirostris (Spinner Dolphin) (SYMBOL)


Sweet potato plantation (SYMBOL)


  • Start: 2007-07-25
  • Finish: 2011-12-31
  • Duration: 4 years, 5 months