USA-Australia Virtual Environmental Partnership

USA-Australia Virtual Environmental Partnership

The primary goal of the project is to educate and inform responsible stewardship of water resources between U.S. and Australian students through an interactive- virtual partnership. Our vision and motivation is to build an environmental education platform capable of implementing a robust and long-term cyber education program based on state of the art science with a global perspective. Whether high school students get “hooked” on science is critical to recruiting promising students to the environmental field. This is vastly important, as this generation will face unique environmental challenges of global significance, including the need to at least double water productivity. Generating interest at this level with an engaging project-based international cyber exchange will, we believe, pique the interest of a new generation of science students who are cyber-savvy “digital natives” in a transformational manner.


Key Personnel

Bill Dennison
Vice President for Science Application
Simon Costanzo
Science Integrator
Adrian Jones
Web Developer
Alexandra Fries
Program Manager
Brianne Walsh
Senior Science Communicator

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Water: dam 3 (SYMBOL)


Waterfall 1 (SYMBOL)

Waterfall 2 (SYMBOL)


Water: drinking water treatment plant 1 (SYMBOL)

Water: sewage treatment plant: primary (SYMBOL)

Water: sewage treatment plant: tertiary (SYMBOL)

Water: water tower (SYMBOL)


Civil Engineering: mosquito ditches (SYMBOL)

Civil Engineering: Cross vane weir (SYMBOL)

Perched water table (SYMBOL)


Pond 2 (SYMBOL)


Corrugated culvert pipe (SYMBOL)

Culvert (SYMBOL)


Center pivot irrigation (SYMBOL)

Energy: hydroelectric dam (SYMBOL)

Water: desalination plant (SYMBOL)

Water: sewage treatment plant 2 (SYMBOL)

Weather: solar radiation (SYMBOL)

Weather: wind 1 (SYMBOL)

Weather: wind vector (SYMBOL)


Water: septic system (SYMBOL)

Water: septic system 1 (SYMBOL)

Water: septic system 2 (SYMBOL)


Water: municipal well (SYMBOL)

High clouds: Cirrocumulus (SYMBOL)

High clouds: Cirrostratus (SYMBOL)

High clouds: Cirrus (SYMBOL)

Low clouds: Cumulonimbus 1 (SYMBOL)

Low clouds: Cumulus 1 (SYMBOL)

Low clouds: Stratocumulus 1 (SYMBOL)

Low clouds: Stratus 1 (SYMBOL)

Middle clouds: Altocumulus 1 (SYMBOL)

Middle clouds: Altostratus 1 (SYMBOL)

Middle clouds: Nimbostratus 1 (SYMBOL)

Weather: snow (SYMBOL)

Weather vane (SYMBOL)

Water resource management (SYMBOL)

Watershed management (SYMBOL)


Water: water pipe 1 (SYMBOL)

Water: water pipe 2 (SYMBOL)


Water: sewage treatment plant 1 (SYMBOL)

Water: dam 2 (SYMBOL)

Water: drainage 1 (SYMBOL)

Water: drainage 2 (SYMBOL)

Altered hydrology (SYMBOL)

Exchange: freshwater (SYMBOL)

Exchange: saltwater (SYMBOL)

Groundwater extraction and compression (SYMBOL)

Iceberg (SYMBOL)

Inputs: freshwater (SYMBOL)

Inputs: saltwater (SYMBOL)


Weather: cyclone (S Hemisphere) (SYMBOL)

Weather: hurricane (N Hemisphere) (SYMBOL)

Weather: rain (SYMBOL)

Weather: sheeting rain (SYMBOL)


Irrigation (SYMBOL)

Water: dam 1 (SYMBOL)