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2017 Chesapeake Bay Report Card

In past report card years, specific regions throughout Chesapeake Bay have shown improving trends, but this is the first year that the overall Chesapeake Bay is showing significant improvement. Overall Chesapeake Bay Health Scores have been variable in the past. However, since 2015, Chesapeake Bay Health Scores have consistently been in the high C range (53, 54, 54). These consecutive high scores have contributed to an overall positive trajectory for the first time. This positive trend is evidence that Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts are having an impact on improving conditions in the Chesapeake Bay.


IAN Author(s)Dylan Taillie, Alexandra Fries, Jamie Currie, Bill Dennison, Heath Kelsey, Jason Howard, Emily Nastase
Date Published2018-06-15
TypeReport Card
ProjectChesapeake Bay Report Card Expansion
Location(s)Chesapeake Bay
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