2020 Mississippi Rivers Report Card Methods (Page 1)  
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2020 Mississippi River Watershed Report Card Methods Document

This companion document to the 2020 Mississippi River report card contains information about data sources for all indicators, summary of analysis methods, and scoring details for each of the six America’s Watershed Initiative goals, and for two watershed wide indicators. Additional information regarding the goals is included to provide greater detail and discussion than is possible in the report card document.

Keywords: MRWRC, Mississippi, Report Card, 2020, Gulf of Mexico, Grades, Health, Ohio River, Tennessee River Basin, Arkansas River, Red river,Missouri River, Gulf Coast,

IAN Author(s)Heath Kelsey, Katie May Laumann, Vanessa Vargas-Nguyen, Sky Swanson, Steven Guinn, Dylan Taillie, Joe Edgerton, Andrew Elmore, Jane Hawkey
Date Published2021-04-27
ProjectDevelopment of the Mississippi River Watershed Report Card
Location(s)Mississippi River
Number of Pages76
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