Development of the Mississippi River Watershed Report Card

Development of the Mississippi River Watershed Report Card

This project will help facilitate, assess, and produce the America's Watershed Initiative Report Card. The report card will describe the health of the Mississippi River Basin based on six main goals (water supply, flood risk reduction, economies, ecosystems, recreational, and transportation). America's Watershed Initiative is working to bring a collaborative, basin-wide perspective to the Mississippi River Watershed's greatest management challenges while also supporting the many initiatives and work at multiple scales. In addition to the report card, six workshop newsletters, each representing the sub-basins of the Mississippi, will be produced.

This project engaged stakeholders from around the Mississippi River Watershed to produce a report card that assessed progress toward achieving six broad goals for management of the Mississippi River watershed, including water supply, flood risk reduction, economies, ecosystems, recreation, and transportation. Output from the project included the 2015 and 2020 Mississippi River Watershed Report Cards, numerous workshop newsletters, and an ongoing process to advance integrated management of one of the largest, most iconic, and most economically important river basins in the world. The report card has been used in direct communication with key representatives in Congress, and the Executive Branch.


Key Personnel

Heath Kelsey
IAN Director
Bill Nuttle
Environmental Consultant
Bill Dennison
UMCES Interim President
Caroline Donovan
Program Manager
Jane Thomas
Science Communicator
Tracey Saxby
Project Manager
Katie May Laumann
Science Integrator
Vanessa Vargas-Nguyen
Science Integrator
Steven Guinn
Senior Faculty Research Assistant
Sky Swanson
Assistant Science Communicator

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  • Start: 2013-05-07
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  • Duration: Ongoing