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Moreton Bay Study (Page 1)

Moreton Bay Study

Dennison WC and Abal EG ·
1 January 1999

This book was the second in a series of publications in support of the Healthy Waterways Campaign in Southeast Queensland, Australia. It synthesizes the scientific investigations of Moreton Bay from 17 different studies of the physics, chemistry, geology biology and ecology in the region. It also provided management, research and monitoring recommendations based on the scientific conclusions.

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Moreton Bay and Catchment (Page 1)

Moreton Bay and Catchment

Tibbetts IR, Narelle JH and Dennison WC (Editors) ·
1 December 1998

This book is the proceedings of the Moreton Bay and Catchment conference. It is divided into nine major sections covering the environmental history of the region, geology and geomorphology, catchment rivers and lakes, water quality, marine plants, marine animals, corals, flood effects and management options. The conference was preceded by a relatively small flood, which served as an opportunity to study the impact of flood events on Moreton Bay.

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The crew member's guide to the health of our waterways

Bill Dennison ·
1 January 1998

This book was the first in a series of publications in support of the Healthy Waterways campaign in Southeast Queensland, Australia. It provides a broad overview of Moreton Bay and its major tributaries, includes the first ecosystem report card for the region, and features 'catchment comments', personalized reflections from various community members and elected officials.

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Understanding the Eastern Caribbean and the Antilles (Page 1)

Understanding the Eastern Caribbean and the Antilles

Nelson Marshall ·
1 March 1992

In this book, the author takes the reader on a delightful natural history tour of the beautiful islands in the Eastern Caribbean Sea. A well traveled natural historian, Professor Marshall unveils a variety of interesting and well communicated vignettes about Caribbean natural history. This book should provide readers with an appreciation of the natural history wonders of the Caribbean region and allow them to become transformed into travelers with an eye for the world around them.

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