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Shifting Sands: Environmental and cultural change in Maryland's Coastal Bays

William C. Dennison, Jane E. Thomas, Carol J. Cain, Tim J.B. Carruthers, Matthew R. Hall, Roman V. Jesien, Catherine E. Wazniak, & David E. Wilson ·
8 June 2009

Referring to both the dynamic nature of the barrier islands forming the coastal lagoons of Maryland’s Atlantic Ocean coastline and also the changing cultural landscape, Shifting Sands is a richly illustrated, multi-authored introduction to Assawoman Bay, Isle of Wight Bay, St. Martin River, Sinepuxent Bay, Newport Bay, and Chincoteague Bay.

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Enclosed Experimental Ecosystems and Scale: Tools for Understanding and Managing Coastal Ecosystems

Petersen JE, Kennedy VS, Dennison WC and Kemp WM (Eds.) ·
2 March 2009

The environmental challenges now facing humanity are particularly acute in the coastal zone. Research in this region and in other aquatic ecosystems is complicated by interactions that occur over broad scales of time, space, and ecological complexity. Enclosed experimental ecosystems have become critical research tools because they provide a degree of control not achievable through field experiments.

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Defending our National Treasure: A Department of Defense Chesapeake Bay Restoration Partnership  1998-2004 (Page 1)

Defending our National Treasure: A Department of Defense Chesapeake Bay Restoration Partnership 1998-2004

Lane H, Woerner JL, Dennison WC, Neill C, Wilson C, Elliott M, Shively M, Graine J and Jeavons R ·
29 October 2007

Defending Our National Treasure: A Department of Defense Chesapeake Bay Restoration Partnership 1998–2004 provides an overview of major issues impacting the Chesapeake Bay, history of the Department of Defense’s involvement in Bay restoration efforts, current Department of Defense Chesapeake Bay restoration initiatives, specific case studies, and viewpoints of various key individuals dedicated to restoration.

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Communicating Science Effectively: A Practical Handbook for Integrating Visual Elements

Thomas JE, Saxby TA, Jones AB, Carruthers TJB, Abal EG and Dennison WC ·
1 July 2006

This is a practical handbook on how to communicate science effectively. The first part is an introduction to the principles of science communication – what effective science communication is, why it is important, and how to do it. The principles in these chapters include how effective science communication can change societal paradigms and make one a better scientist.

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Healthy Waterways, Healthy Catchments (Page 1)

Healthy Waterways, Healthy Catchments

Abal EG, Bunn SE and Dennison WC ·
1 January 2005

This book was the fourth in a series of publications in support of the Heathy Waterways campaign in Southeast Queensland, Australia. It synthesizes the scientific investigations focused on the catchments and waterways of the Southeast Queensland region. Chapters on the setting, habitats, sediments, nutrients, monitoring, modeling, harmful algal blooms integrate the various scientific studies occurring in the region.

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Where river meets sea: exploring Australia's estuaries

Turner L, Tracey D, Tilden J and Dennison WC ·
1 July 2004

This 288-page book utilizes conceptual diagrams (including symbols from the IAN symbol libraries) to describe the health, geography, science, management and ecological functions of Australia's 974 estuaries. Chapters on natural history, coastal science and management give an understanding of our vast network of pristine and heavily modified estuaries - from isolated tide-dominated estuaries in Australia's tropical north to those shaped by waves in southern, temperate waters.

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Discover the waterways of South East Queensland (Page 1)

Discover the waterways of South East Queensland

Bill Dennison ·
1 January 2001

This book was the third in a series of publications in support of the Healthy Waterways campaign in Southeast Queensland, Australia. It provides a guide for citizens to view various features of the waterways from specified vantage points. Grounded in the scientific understanding developed for the region, this book is an invitation to 'see it for yourself'. The book includes maps, conceptual diagrams, photos and 'catchment comments' from community leaders.

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Moreton Bay and Catchment (Page 1)

Moreton Bay and Catchment

Tibbetts IR, Narelle JH and Dennison WC (Editors) ·
1 January 1999

This book is the proceedings of the Moreton Bay and Catchment conference. It is divided into nine major sections covering the environmental history of the region, geology and geomorphology, catchment rivers and lakes, water quality, marine plants, marine animals, corals, flood effects and management options. The conference was preceded by a relatively small flood, which served as an opportunity to study the impact of flood events on Moreton Bay.

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