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Catoctin Mountain Park

Catoctin Mountain Park originated as a Recreation Demonstration Area in 1936 and is managed today for its recreational use and the conservation of its cultural and natural resources. The park encompasses 5,810 acres of mixed hardwood forest located in the mountains of the Catoctin Ridge in north-central Maryland. Two high-quality streams bisect the park and the unique three million year old geology forms a number of cliffs and scenic vistas. Management issues include the effects of white-tailed deer overpopulation, exotic invasive plants, gypsy moth, hemlock woolly adelgid, and dogwood anthracnose. Water quality degradation is also a concern as residential and agricultural activity increase along the park's boundary.


IAN Author(s)Jane Hawkey, Tim Carruthers, Bill Dennison
Date Published2006-12-20
ProjectHAFE-CHOH-CATO Natural Resource Condition Assessments
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