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Chapter 3: Communication products: creating a process for generating science communication products

This chapter discusses how to create the physical communication products needed to broadcast the messages within a communication strategy (see Chapter 4). To determine the kind of product needed, several different elements should be considered, including the background of the audience, the size of the audience, and the amount of time available to produce the product. The products discussed are conceptual diagrams, newsletters, presentations, websites, posters, and books.


Author(s)Thomas JE, Hawkey JM, Jones AB, Wicks EC, and Woerner JL
IAN Author(s)Jane Thomas, Jane Hawkey, Adrian Jones, Joanna Woerner
Editor(s)Longstaff BJ, Carruthers TJB, Dennison WC, Lookingbill TR, Hawkey JM, Thomas JE, Wicks EC, and Woerner JL
PublisherIAN Press
PlaceCambridge, MD
Journal / BookIntegrating And Applying Science: A Practical Handbook For Effective Coastal Ecosystem Assessment : 33-44
TypePaper | Book Chapter
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