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Chapter 6: Ecological report cards: integrating indicators into report cards

This chapter continues the discussion of ecological indicators but with the specific application of producing ecological report cards. It explains the reasons for producing report cards, the steps to produce indicators based on ecological thresholds, and the process of combining indicators into overarching indices. Ecological report cards, like the indicators that they are based on, are one of the most important products for directing data collection and analysis.


Author(s)Williams MR, Longstaff BJ, Wicks EC, Carruthers TJB, and Florkowski LN
IAN Author(s)Michael Williams, Ben Longstaff, Tim Carruthers, Caroline Donovan, Jane Thomas, Jane Hawkey, Joanna Woerner
Editor(s)Longstaff BJ, Carruthers TJB, Dennison WC, Lookingbill TR, Hawkey JM, Thomas JE, Wicks EC, and Woerner JL
PublisherIAN Press
PlaceCambridge, MD
Journal / BookIntegrating And Applying Science: A Handbook For Effective Coastal Ecosystem Assessment : 79-96
TypePaper | Book Chapter
Link https://ian.umces.edu/publications/integrating-and-applying-science-a-handbook-for-effective-coastal-ecosystem-assessment/