Harmful algal blooms: Maryland status and trends newsletter (Page 1)  
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Harmful algal blooms: Maryland status and trends newsletter

Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are growing in frequency around the world and their effects are being recognized by ecosystem managers, scientists, and the public alike. From the serious threat to public health created by seafood tainted with algal toxins, to human respiratory and skin irritations from exposures to aerosols along beaches with red tides, to stranded whales, manatees, and dolphins, to economically-devastating fish kills, these events are serious threats to the viability of our coastal systems. HPL faculty member Pat Glibert worked with IAN staff to produce this newsletter. It details the causes for HAB expansion, including increased nutrient loading from expanding human population, increased agriculture and aquaculture activities, and transportation and discharge of ballast water.


IAN Author(s)Jane Hawkey, Bill Dennison
Date Published2006-12-20
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