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Monocacy National Battlefield Park

Monocacy National Battlefield is managed as a cultural resource commemorating the Civil War battle that took place along the Monocacy River south of Frederick, MD. The 1,647 acre park is dominated by active farms with some mixed hardwood forests and field/edge habitat. Like other battlefield parks, it has the challenge of combining the preservation of a historic landscape with natural resource management. Potential threats to the park's natural resources include the release of pollutants from agriculture, industrial plants located southwest of the park, and heavy traffic on Interstate 270, which bisects the park. Suburban sprawl makes the park an important preserve for wildlife, and the spread of exotic plants and an increase in deer population have already been documented.


IAN Author(s)Jane Hawkey, Tim Carruthers, Bill Dennison
Date Published2006-12-20
ANTI-MONO-MANA Natural Resource Condition Assessments
National Capital Region science communication products
Location(s)Monocacy National Battlefield Park
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