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Moreton Bay and Catchment

This book is the proceedings of the Moreton Bay and Catchment conference. It is divided into nine major sections covering the environmental history of the region, geology and geomorphology, catchment rivers and lakes, water quality, marine plants, marine animals, corals, flood effects and management options. The conference was preceded by a relatively small flood, which served as an opportunity to study the impact of flood events on Moreton Bay. This flood also stimulated the first field research of the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay Wastewater Management Study. This book captures the state of knowledge across a wide range of issues and serves as a summary of the history of research in the region.


Author(s)Tibbetts IR, Narelle JH and Dennison WC (Editors)
IAN Author(s)Bill Dennison, Adrian Jones, Simon Costanzo
PublisherSchool of Marine Science, The University of Queensland
Date Published1998-12-01
Location(s)Moreton Bay
Number of Pages662
Filesize48.0 MB
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