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Report Card Review

Report cards are useful assessment tools and have been widely used to inspire and endorse changes. They have paved the way to new legislation, improved longitudinal data collection systems, established new professional partnerships, and inspired reforms on community-wide and national scales. With the abundance of report cards available, it is beneficial to compare reporting styles and critique data collection methods and dissemination strategies across the board. With investigation, it is possible to identify what it is that makes a report card especially successful and subsequently take steps towards making the next age of report cards even more effective.


Author(s)Spitzer S, Kelsey H, Dennison WC, Costanzo S, Thieme M, and Freeman S
IAN Author(s)Suzanne Webster, Heath Kelsey, Bill Dennison, Simon Costanzo
Date Published2015-04-16
ProjectDeveloping a Scalable River Basin Report Card: The Orinoco River Report Card
Number of Pages74
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