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Researchers and stakeholders address coastal vulnerability and freshwater security

The Belmont Forum is a consortium of research funders that have targeted funds toward research that actively integrates stakeholders into a co-design/co-development process with researchers. It is committed to fostering solutions to global sustainability challenges through innovative transdisciplinary research. On 10-12 December 2016, the Belmont Forum Synthesis Workshop was convened by the Belmont Forum and facilitated by FutureEarth Coasts and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science in San Francisco, CA. Eleven of the thirteen funded project teams from around the globe addressing complex coastal vulnerability and freshwater security issues were present. This newsletter represents a synthesis of the results of the 13 funded projects, revealing real solutions for informed and deliberative decision making about sustainable resource use and development. The results provide further evidence that intense stakeholder engagement to co-develop locally based solutions is an approach that should be continued, expanded, and refined. This Workshop summary provides a brief overview of each project, identifies common themes that emerged, and provides recommendations for future Belmont Forum projects.


IAN Author(s)Bill Dennison, Heath Kelsey, Vanessa Vargas-Nguyen, Emily Nastase, Jamie Currie
Date Published2017-04-03
ProjectBelmont Forum workshop facilitation, support, and communication
Future Earth Coasts Partnership
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