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Science-to-Action Guidebook

Recognizing the importance of informed decisions and the differences between the scientific and decision-making processes, this guidebook provides practical tips on how to best bring these worlds together. It emphasizes the roles of facilitating, synthesizing, translating, and communicating science to inform conservation action. It includes two "guides" in one publication, one intended for scientists, and the other for decision-makers. It begins with the decision-maker's guide. To read the scientist's guide, go to the last page of the PDF and then read backwards page by page. The two documents culminate in a summary centerfold. Visit the Science to Action website for printed copies and further information.


Author(s)Karrer L, Beldia II P, Dennison WC, Dominici A, Dutra G, English C, Gunawan T, Hastings J, Katz L, Kelty R, McField M, Nunez E, Obura D, Ortiz F, Quesada M, Sivo L, and Stone G
IAN Author(s)Jane Hawkey, Bill Dennison
PublisherConservation International
Date Published2011-06-01
ProjectConservation International: Science communication products
Number of Pages20
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