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Sea Level Rise: Projections for Maryland 2018

In fulfillment of requirements of the Maryland Commission on Climate Change Act of 2015, this report provides updated projections of the amount of sea-level rise relative to Maryland coastal lands that is expected into the next century. These projections represent the consensus of an Expert Group drawn from the Mid-Atlantic region. The framework for these projections is explicitly tied to the projections of global sea-level rise included in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment (2014) and incorporates regional factors such as subsidence, distance from melting glaciers and polar ice sheets, and ocean currents. The probability distribution of estimates of relative sea-level rise from the baseline year of 2000 are provided over time and, after 2050, for three different greenhouse gas emissions pathways.


Author(s)Boesch, DF, Boicourt WC, Cullather RI, Ezer T, Galloway GE Jr, Johnson ZP, Kilbourne KH, Kirwan ML, Kopp RE, Land S, Li M, Nardin W, Sommerfield CK, and Sweet WV
IAN Author(s)Jane Hawkey
Date Published2019-01-11
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