Seagrasses of Southwest Australia: South Coast (Page 1)  
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Seagrasses of Southwest Australia: South Coast

On the south coast, a diverse range of seagrasses grow in habitats protected from the full force of waves by islands and headlands. South coast seagrasses grow on silica sand to a depth of about 30 m and on carbonate sand beyond 30 m depth. Many seagrasses grow in these sheltered zones, including most of the species found on the west coast. Beyond the shelter of the headlands, waves roll in from the open ocean and seagrasses are subjected to very high wave action. Only those species with special adaptations to strong water movement are able to persist.


IAN Author(s)Tim Carruthers, Tracey Saxby, Bill Dennison
Date Published2005-11-02
Location(s)Southwest Western Australia
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